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The New Era of Electrification: The Kalmar Ottawa T2E+ Electric Terminal Tractor

Webinar length: 25 min

The transition to more eco-efficient cargo handling is already happening, and the change is being driven by several factors: public pressure, increasingly strict legislation, investor demands and local requirements. At the end of 2021 Kalmar delivered on its promise to have an electrically powered version of every single piece of equipment in our range. 

Part of this was the launch of the Kalmar Ottawa T2E+ Electric Terminal Tractor.

Switching to electrically powered terminal tractors will have an impact on the operation in terms of infrastructure, workflows and maintenance.

In this webinar, Niclas and Tobias will share their insights on the Kalmar Ottawa Electric T2E+ Terminal Tractor and the impact on the operation.

Kalmar’s ambition is to help our customers build their journey towards a zero-emission future. 


During this webinar you will learn:


  • All the ins and outs of the Kalmar Kalmar Ottawa Electric Terminal Tractor offering
  • What impact electric solutions have on the business operation and the way of working?

Your webinar hosts

Niclas Samuelsson, Product Manager Terminal Tractors, Kalmar

Niclas has worked for Kalmar for almost 20 years and held several positions within the company. He is an experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical or industrial engineering industry. Skilled in Manufacturing, International Sales, Logistics Management, Engineering, and Business Process Improvement.


Currently Niclas is responsible for the global portfolio management of Kalmar’s Terminal tractor division.

Tobias Zink,  Sales Manager, Kalmar Germany

Tobias is Sales Manager Germany and has been employed by Kalmar in Hamburg for 4 years. For the past 20 years everything has always revolved around industrial trucks. After completing his apprenticeship as a service technician and further training as a sales representative, Tobias worked for several years as Head of Service at a Hamburg industrial truck manufacturer.

With the change to a service provider in the Port of Hamburg, the product portfolio has expanded to include reachstackers and empty container stackers. In 2018, there was then the opportunity to join the heavy logistics as Sales Manager for Northern, Eastern and Central Germany.

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