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Services for automated terminals

Servicing an automated terminal involves a deeper level of interconnection and a stronger reliance on technology than at manually operated terminals. The ecosystem comprising different software and hardware solutions from many different parties creates the foundation for terminal automation. Everything needs to work seamlessly together and hardware and software can’t be separated from each other. For running an efficient automated operation, it is crucial to have the right skills and people to understand the dependencies and logic of the ecosystem as well as the processes and tools for utilising the wealth of data generated by the software and equipment. Kalmar offers various types of services and expertise to help you plan, support, develop and improve your automated operation throughout the operational lifecycle.


Design & Analysis

We offer different types of services to help you lay the groundwork for continuous improvement in your automated operations. 

Examples of services:

  • Terminal design services
  • Terminal process analysis
  • Terminal software integration analysis and design
  • Software extension / customisation design

Testing & Optimisation

We can help you verify and fine-tune your operational performance in a safe virtual environment with 100% reproducibility.

Examples of services:

Support Services

To help keep your systems running smoothly:

Examples of services: