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Terminal Tractors Options

- Design the right solution for your operations.

Terminal Tractors Options.

Kalmar has an extensive list of options available that can help to improve operational safety, productivity or lower your fuel consumption. You choose which are right for you.


Important information

Check with your local Kalmar team to make sure which option is available for your Kalmar Terminal Tractor model.

Choose the right option for you.

Electrically Heated and Adjustable Mirrors.

By installing this option, the driver will be able to heat and adjust the outside mirrors from the cabin with an on & off switch. With the exterior mirrors electrically heated and adjustable, the driver avoids climbing the terminal tractor to adjust and clean them manually, especially in rough conditions. This improves the safety of the operator and productivity. 

Knorr-Bremse Air Dryer.

To avoid freezing brakes and corrosion, it is essential to keep the air in the air tanks as dry as possible. This option eliminates excess moisture, secures uptime in the short run, and protects your brake system from corrosion.

Automatic Central Greasing.

By having automatic central lubrication, you save both time and maintenance. The system assures that all grease points covered by the system get enough lubricants, and no time must be put on this in the daily inspection. Having all intended covered joints properly greased reduces the wear and tear over time on your unit.

Dual Fuel Tanks.

Thanks to our intelligent chassis design, we offer fuel tanks that double the standard volume. It consists of dual 189 liters rectangular fuel tanks on both sides for a total of 378 liters. This means you can run your terminal tractor longer between refills and save time in your operations.

Kalmar Insight.

You can optimize each duty cycle or mission by having instant control over your fleet and its KPI via Kalmar Insight. All important KPIs are listed on your screen, and you can monitor your fleet in real-time and playback. This gives you not only savings in the short run but gives you the platform to even further optimize your entire operation.

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Cabin Container Guard.

The safety of the driver comes first. This option is a structure made of solid steel, fitted on the chassis behind the cabin, preventing the cabin in case of a falling container. It is fitted to the main frame rails with heavy-duty brackets to prevent the cabin from collapsing if a container accidentally falls on it.

Trailer Stop.

An option to prevent damage to the cabin if the driver misses the king ping when backing the terminal tractor underneath a trailer. It consists of heavy-duty steel plates fitted to the chassis behind the cabin.

Steps Access Lighting.

It is an option available only when your terminal tractor is fitted with tank guards. The steps access lighting consists of a light directed at the steps to prevent personnel from falling hazards in dark conditions at night. It also works after the ignition is turned off.

Interlock System.

By adding one of the following options to your terminal tractor (depending on what model you have), you will maximise safety:

  • When the ignition is engaged and the parking brake disengaged, the interlock option warns the operator with a warning light and audio signal.
  • When the parking brake is disengaged and the seat belt is not on, the interlock option warns the driver with an audible alarm.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

It helps to reduce wear and tear on tires, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. Bluetooth sensors keep the driver advised of the condition of the tires. Active care of your tires can result in a 10-40% increase in tire life and up to a 10% decrease in fuel consumption.

Kalmar Speed Limitation System.

The Kalmar Drive Speed Limitation System automatically restricts the speed at which your equipment can be operated, helping reduce wear and tear and fuel consumption.

Electric Fan Clutch.

Reduce noise pollution levels of the terminal tractor with the electrically and thermostatically controlled fan, which turns on only when it is required. 

Drive Speed Limiter System.

Save fuel and reduce the surrounding environment's air pollution by limiting speed. By reducing or limiting the maximum speed the terminal tractor can drive, not only safety increases but also fuel consumption and unnecessary wear and tear of the equipment.

Automatic Engine Stop System.

The Automatic Engine Stop System allows the terminal tractor to automatically turn off the engine after 5 minutes of idling. This saves avoidable idling, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions. It also reduces running hours on the equipment during its lifetime.